Learn how to make island survival tools, shelters, friction-fire, and more!

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A Hawaii Survival Training Adventure for the Whole Family:

Join Hawaii Survival School for a day learning wilderness primitive island shelter building, island friction-fire, and island survival tools! Learn how to survive in the wild and thrive by replacing modern wilderness survival gear with essential wildcrafted island survival tools, for improvising your way through survival and adventure situations, island style!

For: A Hawaii survival training adventure for hikers, backpackers, families, world travelers, outdoor professionals, and anyone wanting to learn about traditional island survival and living skills!

When: Monday – Friday (9:30am – 1:00pm)
Where: Gunstock Ranch, Kahuku HI (Here)
Price: Varies. See available dates & packages here.

Adventure Planning Tip

You can also add the Wild Eats Island Cooking Adventure to your day for a complete adventure experience!

Island Survival Skills Adventure (9:30am-1:00pm) 
Wild Eats Island Cooking Adventure (3:00pm – 5:00pm)

Learn how to Bushcraft Island Survival Tools:

One of the most critical island survival skills to start with for wilderness survival is to learn how to produce improvised wilderness survival gear and bushcraft tools, like rope, containers, and cutting tools.

Not only have these survival tools been used for island survival emergencies, they are also tools that Native Hawaiians (Kānaka Maoli), and other island cultures, have used for thousands of years in daily life, to live well, and sustainably, in harmony with the earth.

Learn Island & Jungle Firecraft Skills:

Learn firecraft skills and firemaking the ancient island way!

Along with other critical survival tools, the ability to make and maintain fires in island and jungle wilderness survival situations is key to both survival as well as traditional outdoor living.

Learn to Build & Use Island Survival Shelters.

Bushcrafting improvised island and jungle survival shelters is an essential island wilderness survival skill-set. Primitive survival shelter tactics and other temperature regulation techniques will be discussed and practiced during this survival training session. Additionally, the class will cover additional topics related to survival prioritization and mindset.

Special Deal!

Take your adventure farther by adding out Wild Eats Island Cooking adventure (3:00pm – 5:00pm) to your island survival training day.

Students will round out their survival skills adventure day by learning about local wild edible foods, and cooking some traditional island eats over a fire.

This Wild Eats Island Cooking Adventure will teach you:

  • How to prioritize caloric management in wilderness survival situations.
  • How wild edibles fit into survival situations.
  • About local island wild edibles and traditional foods.
  • How to cook using traditional island cooking methods and tools.

This class builds skills that go hand-in-hand with our Wild Eats Island Cooking Adventure to give you a full full day island survival training experience.

Hawaii Survival Training Wild Edible Foods.
How to survive on an island with primitive survival skills.

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